Engineered Wood Products

Engineered wood products have become an integral part of today’s building process. Floor joists, rafters, beams and columns all utilize engineered wood in their composition. Not only are these products stronger than their solid-sawn counterparts, they are more uniform allowing for easier installation, and more stable, minimizing expansion and contraction.

Specifying engineered wood products can be a tricky endeavor. Complex loading situations common in today’s custom structures can be difficult to determine. Luckily, there is an answer. Using a suite of powerful software developed by Keymark Enterprises™, Standale Lumber is able to take the guess-work out of this process. By inputting walls, beams, headers, joists and even roof loads we are able to develop a three dimensional model of your project. This model is then analyzed according to current specifications and solutions are generated for assigned components.

This service is available to our customers at no cost. For a demonstration or any questions, please feel free to contact Dave Sweet, our Engineered Wood Products specialist @ 616.530.8200 or

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