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What Makes a House a Home?

Whether you’re building or remodeling, there are hundreds of decisions to be made. Make your life easier, save time, energy and money by shopping at Standale Lumber and Standale Interiors.

You and Standale Lumber – formidable apart, unbeatable together

Framing Lumber

If a house or another wood-framed structure were a body, framing lumber would be the equivalent of the skeleton. Like a skeleton, the framing lumber supports the flesh (insulation and sheathings), the skin (siding, stone & brick) and the scalp (roofing). As a system, the sum of all of these parts provides warmth and shelter for hearts and minds (you and your family).

Not coincidentally, all of these “parts” are available at Standale Lumber.

You and Standale Lumber share a common goal. We and you want your home or business to remain sturdy, straight and true for generations. Though the various coverings may need to be changed or updated from time to time, the framing or the skeleton, if you will, should remain stout through any and all conditions so that your children’s, children’s children might someday enjoy the benefit of our combined efforts.

With this in mind, Standale Lumber takes great pride in their offering of various framing lumbers. Clutch Holtvluwer, the lumber buyer for Standale Lumber, has been purchasing lumber and establishing relationships with lumber mills throughout North America for more than 30 years. This accumulation of experience allows Clutch to identify those capable of and purchase from those mills producing the highest quality framing lumber.

This experience coupled with our association with PAL – Progressive Affiliated Lumbermen – give us national buying power that allows us to provide framing lumber at pricing that is both competitive and affordable.

Interestingly, a large percentage of lumber purchased by Standale Lumber is, in fact, “Michigan made”. These purchases represent millions of cubic feet grown, harvested and processed in our very own state, largely diminishing the carbon footprint left by the activities of Standale Lumber.

Available from Standale Lumber are:

  • #2 and better SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir)
  • #2 and better HF (Hem-Fir)
  • #2 and better DF (Douglas Fir)
  • #1 & #2 SYP (Southern Yellow Pine)
  • MSR (Machine Stress Rated) SPF
  • SS (Select Structural) HF & DF
  • #3 SPF

All of these as well as treated lumber, cedar and non-combustible lumber are readily available at Standale Lumber.


Having a “roof over your head” is all the separates us from the elements. And Standale Lumber has a large inventory of roofing products for your new home or remodeling project. Working with our design professionals will ensure that whatever product you choose, the color and texture will add to the curb appeal of your home.

We’re proud to inventory the full line of CertainTeed Integrity Roof System products to provide a complete roofing solution for you. Two-piece laminated fiber glass-based construction, classic shades and dimensional appearance of natural wood or slate and 300 lbs/sq. inch – all backed by the best warranties in the industry.

We deliver to your job site with our Skytrack delivery system and put all the supplies on the roof for you.


Just as the frosting on a cake makes it taste so good, the exterior finishes of your home add to its curb appeal. And there are as many options, colors and textures for your siding – from vinyl, to aluminum, cedar, engineered wood to fiber cement – as there are choices in frosting.

We stock the entire line of HomeX Siding and our suppliers have the most popular choices in fiber cement siding readily available as well. Our experienced sales staff and designers are highly qualified to help you make the right selection.

In addition to siding, we have samples and access to stone and brick that will also add curb appeal to your home.

Windows / Exterior

Whether you’re replacing windows or building a new home, you want windows and doors that will provide energy efficiency. The look has to add to the curb appeal of your home. You want doors and windows that will continue to perform 100% of the time for years to come.

Our new door and window showroom at Standale Home Center has just about every style and material available on display. Statement making entrance doors to a simple slab door to a slider or a French door – we can help make the decision easier. Bay windows, skylights, half rounds, double hung, single hung, wood or vinyl – we’ll help you sort through all the options so you have the best doors and windows for your home.

We feature JeldWen and Andersen Doors and Windows, Serious Windows, Masonite, ThermaTru and Karona Doors.

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